The Utilization of POVAL FILM in Optical Applications

Optical-use POVAL FILM is an important material for the manufacture of polarizing plates that meet needs for larger sizing, higher performance, and higher durability of screens.

Strengths and Characteristics of Use in Optical Applications

  1. POVAL FILM is highly transparent. It is characterized by the high orientation obtainable through stretching.
  2. It is an important polarizing plate component that meets needs for larger sizing, higher resolution, and thinner screens.
  3. It is utilized as a material for various products for liquid crystal displays, such as LCD-TVs, PCs, tablet terminals, and smartphones.

Optical-Use Products


Examples of optical use are provided through detailed descriptions of product applications

Examples of Actual UseClick here for details

Polarizing Plates

Widely used as a base film for polarizing plates, which are an indispensable component in the manufacture of LCD panels.