The Utilization of POVAL FILM in Industrial Applications

The characteristics of Water-soluble POVAL FILM and mold-release film are leveraged for their use in a wide range of applications, such as with agricultural chemicals, dyes, and building materials.

Strengths and Characteristics of Use in Industrial Applications

Water-Soluble POVAL FILM

  1. Soluble in cold water or hot water
  2. Suitable as packaging film
  3. Has superior resistance to oils and chemicals
  4. Has superior gas-barrier properties
  5. Is well-suited to processing and fabrication

Industrial-Use POVAL FILM

  1. Is a film with high release properties
  2. Can be used as a protective film
  3. Also suitable for deep drawing
  4. Can also be used at forming temperatures of between 180℃ and 200℃
  5. Wide-width film also available

Introduction of Industrial Application Products

Brand information

A wide range of brands are available according to the application.

Technical information

Introduces data related to performance and physical properties.

Information by application

Concrete application examples are introduced.


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Examples of Actual UseClick here for details

Unit-Packaging of Agricultural Chemicals (Water-Soluble POVAL FILM)

In Japan, Water-soluble POVAL FILM is used as packaging for so-called "jumbo formulations" in which packaged herbicide granules are thrown directly into rice paddies. Overseas, it is widely used as packaging for wettable powders, such as insecticides and disinfectants.