Industrial Applications

Unit-Packaging of Agricultural Chemicals (Water-Soluble POVAL FILM)

In Japan, Water-soluble POVAL FILM is used as packaging for so-called "jumbo formulations" in which packaged herbicide granules are thrown directly into rice paddies. Overseas, it is widely used as packaging for wettable powders, such as insecticides and disinfectants.
Jumbo formulations are used by being thrown directly into rice paddies. Wettable powders are diluted in tanks, etc., filled with water during use.
Workers can carry out their tasks safely without their hands coming into direct contact with chemicals.

Seed Tape / Vegetation Sheet (Water-Soluble POVAL FILM)

Using Water-soluble POVAL FILM that has grass seeds, etc., sprayed on it enables the easier planting of seeds on slopes.

Seed Tape (Water-Soluble POVAL FILM)

Water-soluble POVAL FILM bands are slit into strips and vegetable and other seeds are stuck on at regular intervals and processed into twisted strings. This enables efficient seeding at regular intervals.

Agricultural Covering Material (Industrial-Use POVAL FILM)

Industrial-use POVAL FILM has high moisture absorbency. For this reason, it enables reduction of diseases caused by dew formation. Furthermore, it also retains heat and is used as curtains inside vinyl greenhouses.

General Merchandise Applications

Packaging of Toilet Disinfecting Detergents (Water-Soluble POVAL FILM)

Water-soluble POVAL FILM is used as packaging of disinfecting detergents that are used inside toilet tanks. It not only allows the detergent to be placed inside the tank without any need to come into direct contact with the detergent, it also works as a binder that fixes the agent to the bottom of the tank.

Embroidery Base (Water-Soluble POVAL FILM)

It is possible to embroider directly onto Water-soluble POVAL FILM or use it as backing when embroidering on materials that lack good dimensional stability.
Water-soluble POVAL FILM will be completely removed by washing the completed embroidery in water.

Industrial Material Applications

Unit-Packaging of Dyes, Waxes, and Chemicals (Water-Soluble POVAL FILM)

Water-soluble POVAL FILM is widely used in the unit packaging of various chemical agents. Not only can tasks be carried out without coming into direct contact with the chemical agent, pre-measuring during filling simplifies measuring operations during use.

Transfer-Printing of Curved Surfaces (Water-Soluble POVAL FILM)

Transfer-printing of curved surfaces (water pressure transfer) using Water-soluble POVAL FILM has been adopted for the decoration of various plastic products including the interior panels of automobiles.
Wood-grain and other patterns are printed in advance on Water-soluble POVAL FILM and placed on water. After a predetermined amount of time passes, an activator is sprayed on to activate the print layer on the film. The object to be printed is pressed on to it, and water pressure is used to transfer the print layer to the object to be printed. It enables printing on items with complex three-dimensional curved surfaces.

For the Molding of Various Construction Materials (Industrial-Use POVAL FILM)

Industrial-use POVAL FILM not only has superior properties as a mold-release film but it also has thermal resistance, making it suitable for use in the molding of thermoset resins. It is widely used as a mold-release film when making various construction materials such as fiber-reinforced plastic, calcium silicate boards, and acrylic-based artificial marble. Because it is flexible as well as firm, it is used in molding large-scale items such as ship and vehicle parts.

Introduction of Industrial Application Products

Brand information

A wide range of brands are available according to the application.

Technical information

Introduces data related to performance and physical properties.

Information by application

Concrete application examples are introduced.


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