Privacy Policy

In order to allow you to use this website without undue worries, KURARAY Co., Ltd. ("KURARAY") safeguards the personal information of the users of its Website ("User") on the basis of the following policy.

1. What is personal information?

Personal information is any personally identifiable information or information unique to a User that KURARAY receives from a User through the KURARAY website ("Website") and includes but is not limited to a User's address, name, age, telephone number, and e-mail address.

2. Safeguarding personal information

  • KURARAY enables appropriate safeguarding of personal information by appointing personal information managers to each organization that handles personal information.
  • KURARAY ensures the security of User's personal information by appropriately managing such personal information and preventing the fraudulent access, leakage, loss, impairment, etc., of such information.

3. Use of personal information

When requesting personal information, KURARAY will clearly specify in advance the intended purpose of collecting the personal information to be provided by a User. The personal information provided by a User will be used only as was clearly specified and will not be used for any other purpose without the express agreement of the User. In the case that a User does not wish to provide his/her personal information, he/she may decline the provision of such personal information. Note in advance that in such cases, there may be services offered on the Website by KURARAY that cannot be provided.

4. Non-disclosure to third parties

Except as stipulated below, KURARAY will not disclose or release information provided by Users to third parties.

  • In the case that the explicit permission of the User has been obtained.
  • In the case that provision to a KURARAY affiliate, etc., is necessary in order to provide an appropriate response to a customer query.
  • In the case that the personal information is being provided to a KURARAY subcontractor or affiliate with whom a confidentiality agreement has been concluded and the disclosure of the personal information is being made within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose clearly specified to the User.
  • In the case that the information has been redacted into statistical information through which individual Users cannot be identified.
  • In the case that disclosure, etc., is required by law, etc.

5. Revision of registered information

In the case that a User asks for changes to or confirmation, correction, or deletion of the personal information that he/she registered, KURARAY will respond to the request in an appropriate manner only in the case that KURARAY is able to confirm that the request was made by the actual User in question or by a person who was entrusted to do so by said User.

6. Protection of personal information by third parties linked on the Website

KURARAY assumes no responsibility towards the protection of personal information by third parties linked from the Website.

7. Changes to the Privacy Policy

KURARAY may, at its sole discretion, change, alter, or modify this Privacy Policy in accordance with revisions of laws, etc., by updating the content of this page.