Use with Textiles

The Utilization of POVAL FILM in Textile-Related Applications

Makes the beauty of the textile fabric stand out even more vividly.KURARAY POVAL FILM for use as textile-related packaging not only provides protection of the product but also gives it a high-class look through superior transparency, glossiness, and softness.

Strengths and Characteristics of Use in Textile-Related Applications

Characteristics of KURARAY POVAL FILM

  1. Exudes a high-class look
  2. Protects the products inside
  3. Is an environmentally-friendly film
  4. Is a film with superior resistance to oils and chemicals
  5. Is a film with superior processing suitability

Products for Textile-Packaging Use


The physical properties of KURARAY POVAL FILM are explained here.

Brands and Physical Properties

Technical data of films for textile-packaging use can be found here.


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Examples of Actual UseClick here for details

Textile Packaging Material

The film is widely used to package such items as sheets, pillowcases, and men's shirts. The film is damage- and wrinkle-resistant as well as highly transparent. It allows beautiful, long-term display of products.