Support for the promotion of fine arts

Sponsorship of ARKO (Artist Residence Kurashiki, Ohara)

Kuraray Foundation provides a grant (funding) for the support of stay-type
creative activities (artist in residential) that has been conducted annually since 2005
by the Ohara Museum of Art

This initiative involves up-and-coming artists to participate in creative work at a studio
associated with late Mr. Torajiro Kojima in “Muison-so” (atelier) in Kurashiki (for a period
of three months), and providing support for expenses for their stay, drawing materials, etc.

ARKO2020 Notice of Invitation Decision (Ohara Museum of Art)
Ohara Museum

Support for the Restoration and Preservation of Art

Repair including picture frame
2020/2021 results
Painter name Title of work Painting Tools
Ernest Quost The Day of the Dog Festival Oil painting / canvas
Marcel Jefferies The Spring of River Thames Oil painting / canvas
Louis-Marie-Joseph Ridel Girl looking at the statue Oil painting / canvas
Olga Boznańska Tulips Oil painting / paper
Portrait of Mrs. L Oil painting / paper
Madeleine Gregorie Portrait of the Young Daughter Oil painting / canvas
Marcel Jefferies Spring Buds Oil painting / canvas
Edmond-Francois Aman-Jean Hair Oil painting / canvas
Madeleine Gregorie
≪Portrait of the Young Daughter≫
Oil painting / canvas
Portrait of the Young Daughter