About Foundations


The Kuraray Company's organizational social contribution activities began in 1992.
To date, we have focused on “emphasizing the voluntary participation of employees,” “rooted in local communities,” and “long-term sustainable” activities.
We have steadily continued with the “Juvenile Chemical Class” and the “Kuraray Fureai Fund” matching gift.

As the scope and presence of the Kuraray Group expand, we hope to contribute to society on a wider scale, and as an activity entity to realize this Kuraray Foundation was established in April 2016.

The Kuraray Foundation implements creative activities based on Kuraray Company's history in the areas of culture, academia, welfare, and international cooperation.
Masaaki Ito
Hitoshi Kawahara
Hiroaya Hayase
Keiji Taga
Satoru Fujinami
Akiko Ide
Kenji Nomoto
Shinichi Takizawa
Noriaki Namba