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Apr22,2016 Topics Dedication Ceremony Held for New U.S. Polyvinyl alcohol (“PVA”) ・・・
Apr7,2016 What's New "FY2015 FACT BOOK"(year ended December 2015) uploded at IR Library [PDF] (4.43MB)
Mar29,2016 What's New Notice Concerning Resolutions at 135th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders [PDF] (77 KB)
Mar1,2016 News Releases Notice Concerning On-Site Inspections by the Japan Fair Trade ・・・
Feb12,2016 News Releases Notice Concerning Determination of Certain ・・・ [PDF] (155 KB)
Feb9,2016 News Releases Business Results for the year Ended December ・・・ [PDF] (297 KB)
Feb9,2016 News Releases FY2015 Kuraray Group Earnings Announcement ・・・ [PDF] (1.09MB)
Feb9,2016 News Releases Video clips of FY2015 Kuraray Group Earnings Announcement ・・・
Jan20,2016 News Releases Notice Concerning the Board of Directors’ Resolution ・・・ [PDF] (108 KB)
Dec22,2015 News Releases Notice Concerning the Merger of Subsidiary Bio Hard ・・・ [PDF] (138 KB)
Dec21,2015 News Releases Kuraray Becomes a Naming Rights Partner for Zao Ski Jump!
Dec2,2015 News Releases Kuraray to Divest Its Shares in Kureha Battery Materials ・・・ [PDF] (151 KB)
Nov25,2015 News Releases Announcement of Changes in Executive Personnel [PDF] (84 KB)
Nov25,2015 News Releases Major Organizational Change (as of January 1, 2016) [PDF] (107 KB)
Nov17,2015 News Releases Kuraray develops new light guide plates that control the direction of ・・・
Nov11,2015 News Releases Consolidated Earnings Report for the Third ・・・ [PDF] (300KB)
Oct29,2015 News Releases Kuraray Develops a New CLARINO Variation for the High-Fashion Field
Oct27,2015 News Releases Kuraray to Release AFFINOS Bioresorbable Bone-graft Substitute
Oct8,2015 News Releases Kuraray Develops a New Photocurable Elastomer
Oct1,2015 News Releases Kuraray to Expand Production Facilities for Optical-Use Poval Film ・・・
Sep1,2015 News Releases A Half-Century of Supplying Man-made Leather CLARINO ・・・