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Oct17,2014 News Releases Divestiture of the Former DuPont European PVB Film ・・・ [PDF] (47KB)
Aug6,2014 News Releases Consolidated Earnings Report for the First Quarter of ・・・ [PDF] (339KB)
Jul11,2014 What's New FY2014 Corporate brochure(English version)
Jun27,2014 News Releases Kuraray to Expand Production Facilities for PVA(Polyvinyl Alcohol) Film ・・・
Jun4,2014 News Releases New Flexible Zirconia Developed
Jun2,2014 News Releases Kuraray Completes Acquisition of Glass Laminating ・・・ [PDF] (92KB)
May16,2014 News Releases Notice Concerning Determination of Certain Details ・・・ [PDF] (133KB)
Apr28,2014 News Releases Sales Begin for KURARISTER CF with High Moisture Protection
Apr25,2014 News Releases Video clips of FY2013 results briefing conference was uploaded
Apr25,2014 News Releases Business Results for the year Ended March 31, 2014 ・・・ [PDF] (304KB)
Apr25,2014 News Releases FY2013 Kuraray Group Earnings Announcement ・・・ [PDF] (232KB)
Apr25,2014 News Releases Notice Concerning Partial Amendments to the Company's ・・・ [PDF] (81KB)
Apr25,2014 News Releases Notice Concerning the Board of Directors' Resolution for ・・・ [PDF] (83KB)
Apr23,2014 News Releases Ramping Up Development of New Bio-Based Liquid Rubber
Apr10,2014 News Releases LEGENDA, a micropatterned film developed for use in LED lamps
Apr8,2014 News Releases New Factory Completed for BIOCARBOTRON, Plant-Based Hard Carbon ・・・
Mar14,2014 News Releases Price Revisions for Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) Resin, EXCEVAL Resin and ・・・
Mar12,2014 News Releases Price Revision for EARNESTON
Mar7,2014 News Releases Price Revisions for MMA Monomer and MAA
Mar6,2014 News Releases Announcement of Changes in Executive Personnel [PDF] (60KB)