[Applicationas of "KURALON K-II"water-soluble type]

2.Water-soluble spun yarns

It is possible to apply 100% water-soluble spun yarns to various applications.

Special fabric Separators for socks

What is special fabric?
After blending water-soluble spun yarns, special fabric as in the picture above is obtained by dissolving water-soluble yarns in the finishing process.
What are reinforced yarns?
This means yarns which are made by blending with low-strength yarns such as cashmere.
What are separators yarns?
These are used for producing socks or nets.

3.Water-soluble nonwovens

There are many application possibilities because this material allows heat embossing and heat-sealing.

Embroidery-backing sheet
<Before dissolving> <After dissolving>

Water-soluble package