[Properties of "KURALON K-II" water soluble type No. 2]  
2 .Solubility of "Wool/K−U"fabric
1)Solubility of woven fabric
Comparison of "KURALON K-II" with conventional PVA fiber
2)Solubility of knitted fabric
Test method
Each specimen, with a weight of 10g, is dried for 2 hours at 100 ℃ and its weight is measured. (W1)
Distilled water, as much as 30 times of "W1"is poured into the vessel and heated to the temperature specified.A spcimen, folded four times, is put into the water and stirred at 650 rpm.It is rinsed with water at 30-40 ℃ for several minutes and dried for 2 hours at 105℃; the weight is then measured. (W2)
Residual PVA in the specimen is removed completely by 100℃×30min.After washing, it is dried for 2hours at 105℃. Its weight is measured. (W3)  Solubility (%) is calculated by the following equation:
Dissolving temperature can be changed depending upon the conditions. Please confirm with each mill before commercial production.The following factors can impede solubility:
1. High density  2. Heavy weight  3 High twist  4. Less water  5. High alkali 
6. Insufficient stirring