[Applications of "KURALON K-II" high-tenacity type]
1. Reinforced materials
High-tenacity types are developed and sold as reinforcing materials because of their high tenacity and modules, good adhesion with cement, and strong alkali resistance.

1) ECC (Engineered Cementitious Composite)
These fibers are expected to be developed for applications in pillars, walls, bridges, railway lines and so on because of their high ductility.

2) FRC (Fiber-Reinforced Cement)
These fibers are used to reinforced flat cement boards, wave boards, outside walls and so on.

3) FRP (Fiber-Reinforced Plastics)
These fibers are used as reinforcing plastics in helmets, mannequins, FRP rods and so on.

Flat board, wave board, outside wall Helmet

2. Other industrial materials
Rope, industrial hose, reinforced nets, belts
Protective materials, protective clothing
Industrial backing sheets
Materials for work-clothes
Sewing spun yarns
Mortar-reinforced materials (nonwoven)

High-strength rope Protective gloves

High-strength reinforced nets