[Characteristics of "KURALON K-II" high-tenacity type]
High strength, low elongation, high modulus
A single fiber's tenacity is about 15cN/dtex, elongation is about 6%, and modulus is about 330cN/dtex.

Good adhesive for many kinds of matrix
Adhesive is very good with rubber, cement , plastics and so on.

Strong alkali resistance
PVA fibers are used in FRC (Fiber-Reinforced Cement) because they have a strong resistance to alkalis.

Superior weatherability
Tensile strength retention ratio in the exposure test after twelve months is more superior to other synthetic fibers.

No harm to the environment
PVA consists of carbon, hydrogen,
and oxygen as in the following structural formula:
Only H2O and CO2 are generated during combustion of PVA. No harmful substances are produced.