What has changed from conventional PVA fiber?

It is now possible to produce various kinds of water-soluble fibers with the new spinning method. By adopting organic solvents for both polymer solute and solidifying liquid, it is possible to use various PVA resins and to obtain the fibers which are soluble in water at normal temperatures.
It is also now possible to produce high-tenacity fibers through the new spinning method. Because the cross section of the fiber is a circle, it is easy to draft fibers in the drawing process. As a result, it is possible to obtain high-tenacity fibers.

Cross section of "KURALON K-II" fibers
Conventional PVA fiber "KURALON K-II"
What is the "wet cooled-gel spinning method"?
This method is shown as follows:
1.Dissolution of PVA resin to the organic solvent.
2.Extrusion of the PVA solution to the another cold organic solvent.
3.Making of "geled PVA"
4.Removal of solvent from the geled PVA

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